Pupstar Play Days

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Pupstars Play Days

01. Socialisation is Key

Each puppy has a short window as their brain develops. We build their confidence by integrating them with other dogs to develop their personalities

02. Early Development

We can accept Pupstars from 12 weeks old, interactive play stimulates their brain development & supports your at home training.

03. Training & Discipline

Doggo Play Days teaches your puppy dog behaviour, training & discipline. Helping your doggo feel comfortable to be with other people.

04. Separation Anxiety

Our play days help with separation anxiety, allowing you as an owner with being able to leave your Pupstars & create a routine that suits you both.

05. A Good Nights Sleep

Teaching your puppy to have a routine and to be tired on the evening, ensuring a good nights sleep. Being surrounded by other puppies will enforce good behaviour.

06. Pupstar Buddies

Our safe and fun play areas are designed to encourage exercise and comfort. Consistent physical exercise is important to the well being and happiness of your Pupstar!

Every Day is Play Day at

In the Dog House Solihull

Puppy Socialisation is one of the Most Important things that you can do for your Puppy!

It will help them grow into a calm and loving companion that is comfortable in lots of social situations. Their early experiences will become a key part of their personality. Shaping their future as your loyal doggo. We offer flexible hours to meet your individual requirements. We think outside the box, our play days are like no other.

From ball pits to paddling pools, trampolines and slides, there is no need to the excitement of In the Dog House Pupstar Play Days.

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The Exclusive Hangout for Happy & Healthy Doggos!

We are situated in a country lane next to farmland close to Meriden. To find out more get in touch with a member of staff today. In The Dog House Solihull, Cornets End Lane, Coventry, CV7 7LH, we are just a 5 minute drive from Birmingham Airport, the N.E.C and Resorts World.